Torque Tool Service & Repair


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Are you tired of struggling with unreliable torque tools that compromise your work efficiency and accuracy? Look no further, because we have the perfect solution for you.

Our company specialises in providing top-notch torque tool services and repairs that will revolutionise your workflow. Our services include calibration, repair, general servicing, testing, verifying and exchanges. Here’s why you should choose us:

This is where we help. PERSAS is your one-stop solution for Torque tool equipment repair and service

With a wealth of industry experience, our proficient technicians at Persas possess in-depth knowledge of torque tools and their intricacies. They undergo rigorous training to handle a diverse range of torque tool models, ensuring top-notch care for your equipment.

Our services encompass a comprehensive range of repairs tailored to address any issues your torque tools may encounter. Whether it’s calibration problems, mechanical faults, or general wear and tear, our skilled technicians efficiently diagnose and fix the problem using advanced tools and techniques, restoring your torque tools to optimal performance.

Recognising the importance of time in your business operations, we prioritise efficiency and offer quick turnaround times for our services. From diagnosis to repair, we work diligently to minimise downtime and return your torque tools promptly.

Accurate torque is paramount for precision work, and we take calibration seriously. Our state-of-the-art equipment ensures precise calibration, meeting industry standards and regulations. We provide certification documents to validate the accuracy and reliability of the calibrated tools.

To prevent costly breakdowns and optimise the lifespan of your torque tools, we offer tailored preventive maintenance programs. These programs include periodic inspections, lubrication, and minor adjustments, ensuring your tools operate at their best and reducing the risk of unexpected failures.

At Persas, customer satisfaction is our utmost priority. Our dedicated support team promptly addresses your queries and concerns. We believe in building long-term relationships, offering ongoing support and guidance. Don’t let faulty torque tools slow down your operations. Choose Persas for reliable and efficient service. Contact us today to experience the difference our expertise can make in your business!

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