Lubrication Equipment

PERSAS stands as a prominent provider of high-quality lubrication equipment, sourced exclusively from renowned brands such as Macnaught and Alemlube. Specialising in delivering top-tier solutions for diverse industrial lubrication needs, PERSAS ensures that its clients receive reliable and efficient equipment that surpasses industry standards.

PERSAS’s partnership with Macnaught allows us to offer cutting-edge lubrication equipment characterised by its durability and precision. Macnaught’s products, ranging from grease guns to oil transfer pumps, are engineered with meticulous attention to detail, ensuring seamless operation and optimal lubrication across industrial machinery. PERSAS’ commitment to utilising Macnaught products underscores its dedication to providing clients with tools that enhance equipment longevity and operational efficiency.

Additionally, PERSAS collaborates with Alemlube, a leading brand synonymous with innovation and reliability in the lubrication equipment industry. Alemlube’s products, including grease dispensing systems, oil reels, and lubrication accessories, are designed to meet the diverse lubrication requirements of industrial applications. PERSAS’ association with Alemlube enables us to offer a comprehensive range of lubrication solutions, catering to various industries and ensuring the smooth functioning of machinery and equipment.

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