Onsite Servicing


iso 9001 approved
iso 14001 approved


Our onsite team deliver these services to a range of systems and equipment around fluid power, such as powered air systems, nitrogen generation and storage systems, fuel farm systems, lubrication systems & powered hydraulic oil systems.

Our onsite services offer numerous benefits that contribute to the efficient and effective maintenance of your various systems and equipment.

Firstly, we ensure convenience and minimise downtime with onsite technicians accessing the equipment in its operational environment.

Secondly, onsite servicing allows our technicians to assess and address specific issues accurately. By being physically present, they can observe the equipment’s functioning, identify any underlying problems, and provide tailored solutions. This hands-on approach enhances diagnostic accuracy and enables more precise repairs or maintenance.


This is where we help. PERSAS is your one-stop solution to on-site servicing.

Onsite servicing promotes proactive maintenance practices, with  Technicians conducting preventive maintenance tasks.

This proactive approach helps identify potential issues before they escalate, preventing costly breakdowns and extending the lifespan of the equipment. 

Lastly, onsite servicing fosters better communication and collaboration between technicians and equipment operators. They can engage in real-time discussions, exchange knowledge, and provide training or guidance on equipment operation and maintenance best practices. 

This collaborative approach enhances overall equipment performance and empowers operators to handle routine maintenance tasks independently. 

Overall, onsite servicing offers convenience, accuracy, proactive maintenance, and improved communication, making it a valuable approach for maintaining systems and equipment.

We provide on-site servicing for

Nitrogen Systems

Compressed Air Systems

Fuel Farm Systems

Lubrication Systems

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