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By not having regular air leak audits, you are likely wasting thousands of dollars on undetected leakages.

A report by the Australian Department of Industry, Science, Energy and Resources, states that “the cost of running compressed air systems is often many times of other energy transfer methods… and up to 90 per cent of the energy used to compress air can be wasted in the process.”

This is where we help. PERSAS is your one-stop solution to finding and fixing air leaks by implementing regular leak audits.

What is an air leak and how can we detect it?

Air leaks occur at any location when you fail to contain the stored energy of the pneumatic system. These may vary from loose fittings, to worn and/or damaged equipment. The obvious tell tale of air leaks is the hissing sound they generate.

These are more difficult to detect in a noisy environment and sometimes are almost inaudible. A less obvious symptom of air leaks is the loss of efficiency through the system and the cost of not repairing air leaks promptly.

If you suspect an air leak, the first step is to contact our qualified team to set up an on-site audit. Our technician will attend your site, fully equipped, and prepared to audit your facilities.

During the audit process, our technicians will identify, document, and report any air leaks detected. We will then prepare a comprehensive quote to correct any identified faults (an optional service).

The benefits of using air leak detection services:

An air leak detection can dramatically reduce energy consumption and will ultimately reduce operation costs. Some other key benefits include:

We recommend bi-annual audits to ensure your business’s equipment is running at optimal efficiency. So, if you have not received a recent air leak detection audit, start a conversation with us today.

Partnering with leading manufacturers to provide a professional service

Our technicians use the latest in ground-breaking technology to detect air leaks. With supporting technology, we can quickly and effectively detect air leaks and provide detailed reports and tailored solutions. 

We utilise tools, such as precision acoustic imagers, to detect and locate compressed air, gas, and vacuum leaks up to 70m. It’s equipment like this that helps us lead the charge when it comes to quality customer solutions and results.

Our experienced workforce understands and can effectively detect air leaks in workplace facilities. We do this without any need to stop your everyday operations.

This revolutionary equipment scans key areas including:

Hose Connections & Gauges


Dryer Units

Actuators & Control Board Units

Compressed Gas systems

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