Onsite Testing and Certification


iso 9001 approved
iso 14001 approved


Our testing and
certification services

Providing convenient and tailored testing and certification solutions is our core business.

We offer two main key services, which include in-house and on-site testing and certification services.

With each of our testing and certification services, we provide a full safety data report for your records – to ensure compliance and worksite safety.

This is where we help. PERSAS is your one-stop solution for on-site test & tag

Quality and safety assured – to save you time and money

PERSAS believe in quality solutions that make an unmatched positive impact on your operations. 

When it comes to our testing and certification, we pride ourselves on providing only the best level of service.

Our team is continuously working to improve inwards with industry training and innovation, to ensure our outward approach to testing exceeds customer expectations and requirements.

With each testing service, you can guarantee that from start to finish we are not only checking all boxes are ticked, but that you are also being educated on the parameters we have taken to ensure risk mitigation on your work site.

Our ISO standard qualifications are internationally recognised and demonstrate our commitment to only providing the highest level of quality.

Onsite Equipment Test & Tag
Onsite Equipment Test & Tag
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