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With many of our clients working in harsh environments. So, it’s important we sell products that stand up to the various challenges facing industries throughout the Hunter region. This is particularly relevant when it comes to pneumatic equipment.

Quality assurance is key

When we sell our clients a product, we also guarantee that quality assurance is part of the arrangement.

Over our decades in business we have tested pretty much everything on the market. We now recommend and supply a range of the latest and best equipment to suit your application. When combined with our industry knowledge, you get access to so much more than ‘just’ a product.

We know the value of working alongside local and international suppliers. PERSAS values brands that approach quality with the same regard we do.


A shared focus on quality assurance

One of our long-time partners is KH Equipment Pty Ltd, a leading supplier of functional and innovative pneumatic equipment.

We believe in providing products that are quality-assured because we know it’s the most efficient and effective solution for clients. The team at KH Equipment Pty Ltd share this belief.

“The prime objective of KH Equipment is to consistently provide solutions and products that meets customer, traceability and applicable regulatory requirements. We embrace challenges, enhance customer satisfaction and regularly exceed expectations.”

The KH Equipment team have a combination of a highly skilled workforce and 30 years of industry experience. So the collaborative relationship they have with PERSAS is mutual in quality. We provide pneumatic equipment that is safety and quality assured.

To ensure these objectives are met, both PERSAS and KH Equipment Pty Ltd* remain committed to continual improvement and rigorous adherence to the latest revisions of Australian/NZ ISO 9001 Quality Management Systems.

*KH Equipment Pty Ltd hold the ISO 9001:2015 certificate. Designating the year 2015.


Pneumatic equipment – providing a product that ticks all the boxes

Through KH Equipment Pty Ltd, PERSAS have exclusive access to top-of-the-line Austart Turbine Starters, which we can order and assemble for our clients.

With the unique features of the ATS73 and ATS63  Series you can say a final goodbye to the continual maintenance you once had to endure.

Having to continually send your equipment to maintenance is both time consuming and a safety hazard. That’s why we are glad to partner with KH Equipment Pty Ltd to offer a solution.

Austart Turbine starters contain no rubbing parts, which eliminates the need for lubrication and extends the duration between servicing.

These turbines have the harshest of environments in mind, from underground coal mines to oil and gas installations.

Committed to quality assurance, these turbine starters conform to the most stringent safety standards, including ATEX certification.

So, whether you’re drilling for oil, compressing gas, generating power or using the air starters in any other industry sector, you can be assured that through KH Equipment Pty Ltd we will be able to source a safe and quality solution to fit the application.


So, how does quality assurance benefit your business?

Most notably, the main benefit of quality assurance is lightening the load.

This could look like reduced downtime, minimised safety risks, and saving money on unnecessary maintenance, repairs or faulty equipment.

With the right product knowledge and use, businesses have more time to spend on the aspects of business that allow them to grow.

Both KH Equipment Pty Ltd and PERSAS understand how valuable growing your business is and that’s why our two teams collaborate to achieve that result.

If you want to learn more about how you can help grow your business further and find solutions to some of your everyday setbacks, the team at PERSAS is here to help.


Get in contact with our team today and we can help figure out a solution that suits your heavy industry/mining queries.

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