Brett Williamson

Managing Director

I’ve been with PERSAS for the past twenty-four years. I initially started as a Business Development Manager, working closely with clients, before progressing to Operations Manager. I stayed in this role for about eight years, before moving up to Managing Director, where I’ve been for the past ten years.

As PERSAS’ Managing Director, I am responsible for formulating and successfully implementing company policy, as well as encouraging the profitable growth and operation of the company.

I also help develop strategic operating plans that reflect PERSAS’ long-term objectives and priorities. I ensure our operating objectives and standards of performance are not simply understood – they’re ingrained in the team’s day-to-day work.

We believe that it is important that everyone, from the management team to all other employees, closely monitor PERSAS’ operating and financial outcomes against the relevant plans and budgets so we can our best work.

I am extremely proud of our Work Health and Safety record, and our team’s keen attitude toward continued development. Just recently, we successfully completed ISO9001, and we’re currently finalising compliance to ISO 14001 and AS/NZ4801.

We have developed a close, family-orientated work team. Our team members deliver the best solutions for every requirement, client and industry we service.

During my spare time, I enjoy spending time with my wife and three daughters. In addition, I like to spend time struggling to learn how to play golf.

Brett Williamson, Brett Williamson, PERSAS

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Brett Williamson, Brett Williamson, PERSAS