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Becoming an Authorised Service Agent for EDMO Australia 

We are proud to announce we are an official Authorised Service Agent for EDMO Australia. 

Paired with leading industry knowledge and specialised dynamic testing, this means that clients with EDMO products can have complete peace of mind in our level of service.

Managing Director, Brett Williamson said this partnership will put their business a step ahead of others when it comes to providing clients with the best service on EDMO products. 

“We are proud to partner with EDMO Australia as an Authorised Service Agent. They have built a reputation for being leaders in their industry. We aim to match our level of experience and service with this,” he said.

Who is EDMO Australia?

Similarly to our business, at the heart of EDMO Australia is safety. 

Over fifty years ago EDMO’s Founder looked at the mining industry and saw a gap when it came to the safety around lifting heavy equipment. His goal was to close the gap, and this is a mission we resonate with.

He sought an innovative solution, and EDMO Australia have since evolved to provide a range of jacks, stands, and attachments to lift heavy equipment safety. 

All EDMO equipment is manufactured in Australia and is recognised globally for the way their products exceed safety expectations. 

“We are proud to working with another great Australian mining brand that prioritises safety and quality assurance. It’s an honour to work with a team of people who value innovation and will work hard to develop safer tailored solutions for their clients,” Brett said.

The benefits of working with an Authorised Service Agent

Becoming an Authorised Service Agent for EDMO Australia means we can provide clients with a higher level of product support.

Having a partnered service provider allows us to:

  • Provide support and maintenance for the EDMO Brand at the standard one could expect through an original equipment manufacturer (OEM)
  • Receive exclusive access to the best products and parts required for clients,
  • Have unique access to competitive prices on all EDMO products and parts, and 
  • Work closely with the EDMO team to provide further support on all product enquiries.

Our Sales and Technical staff also uphold the highest possible level of competency around the product. 

This is a pre-requisite of becoming an Authorised Service Agent and we take pride in sharing and implementing this knowledge for our clients


Why this partnership is important to us

As an Authorised Service Agent, we are considered one of only a handful of organisations recognised in Australia as competent to hold the title of an Authorised Repairer of EDMO products.

We are trusted to represent EDMO, with their products and workshopping facilities to test equipment that maintains the highest standards of repair and recalibration. 

EDMO has unfettered access to spare parts and technologies across our entire range. The decisions they make regarding the sale and maintenance of EDMO product are wholly supported by EDMO Australia

“This authorisation is a testament to our serviceability. We have been recognised by EDMO in providing end-to-end solutions that match their standard. This is a very proud moment for our business and is another reason why we continually look for innovative solutions for our clients,” Brett concluded.

Interested in learning about the benefits EDMO products could bring to your business? Talk to our team to discuss your options.

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