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Tailored vs off-the-shelf equipment – which one is best for my business?

PERSAS offers a range of services and products. Among these are both tailored and off-the-shelf equipment options, each of which come with their own set of benefits and shortcomings. But which is better? What solution is right for your business?

Tailored equipment is fully customised. It is created for you and comes complete with technology designed around your specific needs. Meanwhile, off-the-shelf is exactly that, a product that can be purchased off-the-shelf. This type of equipment is often mass-produced and readily available. At PERSAS, however, we bring a whole new experience and meaning to what is considered ‘off-the-shelf’. This gives our business a competitive edge, which we will discuss later.

No matter which option you pick, PERSAS will go the extra mile to supporting you throughout the purchasing process. Any question you have can be answered by either our team members or suppliers, so whether you pick tailored or off-the-shelf, you will have easy access to the information you need.


The pros and cons of tailored equipment designed for your business


The best part about tailored equipment is that it is made to suit you. Each piece of equipment is designed around your needs and to provide the perfect solution for your unique job/situation. Plus, it’s yours. It’s an investment, like most equipment, but you own it and can use it how you like. This also means it can be easily updated and modified as you see fit.

Tailored equipment is customer focused. You can have everything you desire in the one product, which often has a two-birds-one-stone effect when it comes to workplace efficiency. Not only will it cut time off bigger jobs that involve numerous steps, you’ll also save time orientating your staff with the equipment. Because you designed it, it follows your business practices and vernacular.

However, i you aren’t in the financial position to invest in a multi-faceted piece of technology, you can always start with the core-essentials and add features and functions at any time in the future. This means your equipment can grow and evolve with your needs.

Finally, tailored equipment offers a competitive advantage over off-the-shelf options. This technology won’t be available to anyone else in the industry, and we all know that it pays to be ahead of the pack.


Price is the biggest factor for a lot of people considering tailored equipment. Obviously, a custom-made solution will cost more than a mass-produced item. However, it’s likely that tailored equipment will work out cheaper in the long run. Since you won’t need replacements as often, and you save on costs for multiple pieces of equipment by having the one that does many jobs, the investment is well worth it.

The other consideration is time. Planning and developing this equipment will take longer than just stopping in-store to purchase something off-the-shelf. But again, it’s an item you’ll use time and time again, so the wait is worth it.


The pros and cons of off-the-shelf options for your business


As stated above, time is a factor when making the decision between tailored vs off-the-shelf equipment. As well as being fast to purchase, these pieces are often designed for quick installation and use.

Price will be significantly lower than that of tailor-made equipment. The immediate associated costs are cheaper, since it’s mass-produced.

Off-the-shelf solutions are often tried and tested; if they’ve been on the market for a while and are developed by a reputable brand, it’s likely they’ve been successfully implemented by other businesses. This opens doors to getting reviews and insights from others within industry.

Even still, PERSAS doesn’t just give our clients a box. We will also give a lot of knowledge and information about the products, no matter if it’s tailored or off-the-shelf. This is because we have a close relationship with our partners who give us a lot of industry and equipment-related information.

Finally, off-the-shelf equipment is likely to be rich in features and extras, since it’s been used for so long by so many.


However, with off-the-shelf, you also run the risk of buying a product that doesn’t meet all your needs. You’ll lose money if you need multiple off-the-shelf products where one customer solution would’ve worked.

You need to remember, with off-the-shelf solutions, you are more likely to not be able to change and evolve. This type of equipment often won’t update and change as you need it to.

And of course, this solution is available to your competitors. It’s very difficult to remain ahead of the pack if you’re using the same equipment as everyone else.

At PERSAS, we take pride in offering a total service, single solution approach to business. So, when you shop with us, we can recognise client gaps and fill them, not matter if you prefer tailored or off-the-shelf equipment.


Remember that no matter which type of equipment solution you pick, we can offer the support you need. Come in store or chat over the phone with one of our experienced team members about your unique situation, and we will work to find a solution that is fit  for you.

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Five tips to reduce downtime in your worksite or workshop

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For a small business, downtime can potentially break the bank and damage the productivity you’ve worked so hard for. For a multi-million-dollar facility, downtime can hold you back from remaining competitive in your marketplace.

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Quality assurance in pneumatic equipment – the benefits for businesses in the Hunter region

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PERSAS Certification Ensures Continued Focus on Safety and Environmental Management

PERSAS has made significant strides towards continuous improvement in the workplace. Joining the ISO 9001 standard we currently hold; the team have just completed and been approved for two additional certification standards – a AS/NZS 4801 and ISO 14001.

We believe it’s vital to look externally, to ensure operations are being conducted at the highest standard. This is something that has seen PERSAS evolve and build strong relationships with a range of local and national clients.


The benefits of certification

Health and safety are made a priority with ISO certification. Through these measures we can deliver clients a service they can rely on. This in turn means less safety risks for when they use the equipment we sell and service.

“We like to keep our business growing. Not just from a sales perspective, but in terms of continuous improvement,” PERSAS Managing Director, Brett Williamson said.

“Our dedication to continuous training also means we are able to show our clients that the equipment we sell and service has been handled with care. This builds trust and ensures clients can rely on us for their work needs.”

Through ensuring our certification is up-to-date, we are putting our client’s needs first.

Acquiring certification requires time, effort and training. Through training we are able to gain competitive industry knowledge that can then be passed on to our clients.

We have always prided ourselves on being a business that provides more than just a box. Our team are also here to educate themselves and clients about the value of our range of products and maintain them so you can rely on us for the long-haul.

“At PERSAS we are never going to just hand you a box and tell you to be on your way. With this further training and certification, we are able to give clients the added knowledge they need to safely and appropriately use any given tool/equipment in their workplace,” Brett said.


But what is ISO Certification?

ISO is an independent, non-governmental organisation. They have developed a wide range of standards for businesses to adhere to and measure themselves against.

The AS/NZS 4801 demonstrates a company’s knowledge and control over workplace hazards and risks. It’s applicable to the construction, manufacturing, aviation, professional services, healthcare, and transport industries.

The responsibilities associated with the health and safety of employees, business units, and output has increased in recent years, so it has become increasingly important for diligent businesses, like PERSAS, to implement a management system that complies with the AS/NZS 4801 standard.


Behind the scenes – a look into receiving certification

However, certification is no easy feat – the process is made up of eight steps and takes dedication and a comprehensive understanding.

A discovery workshop began the journey, back in (June 2018), where the PERSAS team were required to outline our objectives. Next, was a risk, planning and compliance workshop.

Having taken on board some valuable information, the team delved into step four – system development.

Awareness and induction training followed. Implementation activities followed the team induction. In the seventh step, internal audits were conducted – these were crucial for PERSAS to make it to the final step, so it was hands-on deck when assessing the workplace.

Finally, the audit was conducted by QMS, and the ISO4801 standard was awarded to PERSAS in October 2019.

To really put the business ahead of the pack, the team also applied for the ISO14001 standard in the same period.

Having covered the team with the appropriate approach to safety, this standard saw PERSAS doing their bit for the environment.

The internationally accepted standard offers advice on implementing an effective environmental management system.

The team worked hard, implementing the best system possible, and were approved for certification in October 2019 as well.


Keeping up to date

But the job isn’t over – one of the most important parts of ISO14001 is maintenance. The PERSAS team ensure they are constantly working within their newest quality management systems. This allows for worker safety and environmental responsibility to be prioritised

While ISO9001 isn’t a compulsory requirement for business, it’s based on continual improvement. The PERSAS team resonates with this value. But Brett understood it was time to take the next step in the certification process, having held the ISO9001 standard for five years.

“We wanted to go beyond the ISO9001 standard as it acts as the WHS benchmark. We feel the ISO4801 and ISO14001 additions make PERSAS an even more competitive business, one made up of well-informed team members and satisfied clients,” he said.

Our dedication to having the most up-to-date certification also saw two of PERSAS’ Business Development Managers travel to the UK for international industry training with Norbar Torque Tools.

It was here that Business Development Managers (BDM) Kevin and Lee were able to receive up-to-date industry knowledge and training on torque services and repairs, allowing PERSAS to continually provide a competitive edge to our service.


To work with a business committed to quality management and certification, as well being able to offer competitive prices on a range of products, get in touch today.

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The real benefits Total Service, Single Source

Many businesses seek the convenience of going to just one location for all their needs over many. Think about your weekly shop for example – how much easier is it to go to one grocery store over making a visit to the fruit and vegetable shop, butcher, and bakery? PERSAS takes pride in providing an extensive range of services and equipment that offer a Total Service, Single Source solution for your business.

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Multi-functional Materials

Installations are often a practically invisible part of a building. Miles of cables, piping, tubes and wires are concealed behind the ceilings, floors, walls and foundations. The facilities themselves are tucked behind voids or form unsightly blemishes on rooftops. Learn how Multi-functional Materials are the future of construction.

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Europe’s Innovation – Design and Advanced Materials

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