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Many businesses seek the convenience of going to just one location for all their needs over many. Think about your weekly shop for example – how much easier is it to go to one grocery store over making a visit to the fruit and vegetable shop, butcher, and bakery? PERSAS takes pride in providing an extensive range of services and equipment that offer a Total Service, Single Source solution for your business.

So, what are the benefits of having one contact to manage the entire process and provide the solutions you need?


Benefit One: Industry knowledge

Having a qualified team to deal with a range of different tools, equipment, services and problems, is what makes PERSAS an industry leader.

Our extensive knowledge and years of experience in mining, civil and heavy engineering gives us a strong foundation of understanding. Knowing where the industry has been and what businesses need to thrive in the future allows us to be at the forefront of innovation and technology.


Benefit Two: Customer service

The slightest issue can affect and delay a whole project, so it’s important that you work with a business that is nimble and provides the customer support you need.

No matter the question or issue, our team either has the answer, or will strive hard to find it for you.

With more than sixty years of experience in what we do, you can feel assured we understand how important getting the right equipment and receiving a high level of customer support is to your success.


Benefit Three: Save time and money

The process of managing many suppliers can be taxing and timely.

Our suppliers are able to bundle a range of products and services, so you can get all you need from one single source.

This can eliminate the demands (both staff cost and time) of contacting and managing requests through multiple suppliers with different points of contact and different quality management systems.

Plus, it allows you to focus more on your business and the tasks at hand.


Benefit Four: Simplifies the purchasing process

When you’re working with one supplier for all your equipment and tooling needs, you’ll find it much easier to manage your accounts and finances each pay cycle.

With one supplier, there is less paper work and it’s easier to track when you need equipment serviced and when you need to make any equipment upgrades.

Plus, we are here to help through our regular check-ins.


Benefit Four: Quicker turnaround

Having a Total Service, Single Source supplier like PERSAS can reduce waiting time and financial costs associated with transporting equipment and supplies or picking them up.

Working with one business means there are no scheduling conflicts, extra product shipments and you often get a much quicker turnaround on requests. Working with someone locally also means we can be more responsive to your needs.

In an environment where delays can really affect production, efficiency is crucial.


Benefit Five: You know what you’re getting is quality

Single service/total solution suppliers who are at the top of innovation and movement in your industry offer a distinct advantage.

PERSAS has been working with the industries we specialise in supplying to for almost thirty-five years. Over that time, we’ve presented equipment and tooling solutions that our clients weren’t even aware of and that have helped them immensely.

We stay at the forefront of your needs, product innovations and the changing landscape for industries like mining, engineering and civil, construction, railway, automation and agriculture so we can provide the best quality solution, every time.

At PERSAS, our focus is on providing tooling and equipment solutions that provide a better, faster, and high value solution to our clients.

As a Total Service, Single Source for your pneumatic tooling, hydraulic equipment, critical torque equipment and pressure cleaning equipment requirements, we like to think that our ability to respond and provide for your needs makes us a true extension of your team.


If you’d like to find out more about what we can do for your business, get in touch today.

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