Testing & Certification

Unlike your standard test and tag operators, PERSAS’ testing and certification service is dedicated to going the extra mile to ensure safety on your work site.

Our team of professionals combine over 60 years of expertise across a range of industries, with the ability to understand the best solutions for a range of equipment applications.

We work with our clients to ensure equipment is safe to operate and businesses run without risk. As we understand that there are health and economic costs to face if things are to go wrong on your site.

Our testing and
certification services

Providing convenient and tailored testing and certification solutions is our core business.

We offer two main key services, which include in-house and on-site testing and certification services.

With each of our testing and certification services, we provide a full safety data report for your records – to ensure you remain liable for your worksite and its people.

In-House Testing and Certification

This option allows for you to bring equipment to our Rutherford workshop for testing and certification. We usually recommend this option for smaller tools and equipment. This includes products such as hand pneumatic, fluid power and critical torque tools, as well as impact wrenches and hydraulic lifting equipment.

Onsite Testing

This is our more sought-after service, as we come straight to your worksite to test a range of industry equipment with our high-quality testing certification equipment. This testing focuses particularly on larger, more risk prone equipment. According to industry standards it is imperative that equipment is frequently tested. In fact, it’s recommended that they are Inspected and Certified at least once per year and in some cases more often if used extensively or in harsh environments.

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Testing, Testing & Certification, PERSAS

Quality and safety assured – to save you time and money

PERSAS believe in quality solutions that seek optimum benefits for your company.

Our costs are initially higher than your regular “test and tag” businesses, but that’s because we aren’t just delivering a testing service – we are also providing your business with safety assurance and lowering your risks.

When you weigh the cost of risk versus the cost of our testing and certification, we outweigh the cost every time.

On the worksite, you can’t put a price on safety. But we understand the money comes from somewhere, and that’s why we ensure that at each step of the way, we are giving you value for investment.

Going above and beyond
industry standards

When it comes to our testing and certification, we pride ourselves on providing only the best level of service.

Our team is continuously working to improve inwards with industry training and innovation, to ensure our outward approach to testing exceeds customer expectations and requirements.

With each testing service, you can guarantee that from start-to-finish we are not only checking all boxes are ticked, but that you also being educated on the parameters we have taken to ensure risk mitigation on your work site.

Our ISO standard qualifications are internationally recognised and put us a step above all other test and tag companies, always ensuring liability for your equipment and staff.

Testing, Testing & Certification, PERSAS
Testing, Testing & Certification, PERSAS
Testing, Testing & Certification, PERSAS
Testing, Testing & Certification, PERSAS

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