Ben Rudder

Stores, Receipting and Despatch Manager

I have been employed with PERSAS for the past eight years. I began working in-store but have since progressed to Purchasing Officer and Stores Manager.

I’m responsible for ensuring the purchasing process runs smoothly, and that the team in-store can service our customers as professionally and promptly as possible.

In my time at PERSAS, I have been a part of our workshop’s shift towards becoming a paper-free environment. With sustainability in mind, I helped implement an electronic system that utilises wi-fi tablets for repair work. This has saved much needed time and resources for both PERSAS and our customers – all while doing our bit for the planet.

When I’m not at work, I enjoy being around my family and helping at my children’s sports. I also enjoy reading, as well as writing and playing music.

Ben Rudder, Ben Rudder, PERSAS

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